Pouring Cream & Mud Cream

Ivyhome pouring cream is perfect for whipping. Mud Cream is a must have decadent and deliciously thick cream. FIND OUT MORE!

Whole Milk and Mid Milk

Ivyhome milk is additive free. Whole milk is pure milk. Mid milk is seperated and whole milk added. Nothing more, nothing less. Delicious organic milk. FIND OUT MORE!


Ivyhome yoghurt is a traditionally made European style yoghurt. There are no addititives except for the yoghurt culture. FIND OUT MORE!

Welcome to the official site of Ivyhome

This site contains information about the Comello’s, the farm, the factory and the delicious products made at Ivyhome.

The Farm

Ivyhome Dairy is nestled in the tranquil surrounds of the Stuart River, amongst an abundance of native fauna and flora.

Ivyhome comprises 150 acres of fertile black river flats, with some irrigation, and 350 acres of red soil with some patches of light grey soil. As per the national organic code of practice, no chemicals are applied to either the soil or the plants.

Ivyhome practices soil conservation, aiming to have the healthiest soils possible which in turn enhance the health of our herd. Plantings are both annual and permanent, with pasture planting concentrating on legumes that allow for nitrogen return back into the Ivyhome soils. There is native vegetation, and ongoing replanting providing the benefits of shade, native wildlife refuge, and erosion prevention.

The Factory

  • Ivyhome started manufacturing their products in 2002
  • The factory is a well planned building, offering the opportunity to package great tasting milks and make delicious dairy products in a quality assured environment

The Herd

The Ivyhome herd comprises 75% Jersey and 25% Friesian. Only Jersey bulls are used over the milkers, so our herd will increase in percentage of Jersey over the next few years until we are all Jersey. No artificial insemination is used. Currently there is an Angus Bull running with the heifers.